Muama enence instant translator

I am not at all surprised by the bad reviews on this site and wished I had read them before ordering that "translator" myself. But I haven't even received the thing, just had a very bad experience with their non-existing customer service. I am aware that the posting guidelines say only reviews about the product can be taken into account, but I hope it will be posted, how else to warn people of fraud otherwise.

Two equal masses m are connected to three identical springs

Russell and may not used in other web pages or reports without permission. The content of this page was originally posted on September 7, The natural frequency is slightly higher more oscillations per second because the parallel springs combination has a greater stiffness than a single spring. NOTE: the springs are in parallel - not in series - because they experience the same displacement, but not the same force. A two degree-of-freedom system consisting of two identical masses connected by three identical springs has two natural modes, each with a separate resonance frequency.